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Did you know that 80% of women don’t wear the right bra size?

How many times have you been frustrated at not being able to find a bra that is comfortable and fits your body perfectly?

You walk into store and are forced to choose from the limited selection of sizes available.  You choose the one that you think fits you the best.

But then you get home and realise that it was a mistake.  The wires dig into your body and your breasts. The straps are falling down. The band at the back is riding up.

And all you can think to yourself is… I wasted my money on a seriously uncomfortable bra.

As an English girl who has lived in Madrid for over 12 years , I, too, encountered these same problems when wanting to buy lingerie in Spain. I missed the wide selection of sizes and styles which were available to me back in the United Kingdom

Here I found that some sizes were available in the more traditional “mercerías”. But it was frustrating that as a young woman, my lingerie purchases were more of a depressing, rather than pleasurable experience.  I couldn´t find any bras which I actually liked, there was very little choice of styles or colours and I was paying a lot of money for something which I could imagine my grandmother wearing.   It didn´t do anything for my body confidence, nor could I ever feel “sexy” if I wanted to.

I wanted to wear lingerie that looked good… but also made me feel good about myself too.

I was convinced that there must be other women in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain who were in the same situation. So I attended an industry-recognised bra fitting course in the UK, and founded Lottie Lencería in 2012.

We’ve got something for every woman

At Lottie Lencería, we offer women of all shapes and ages a wide selection of modern and feminine styles and sizes… with over 100 sizes in stock!

With our personalised bra fitting appointments, we’ll help you find the perfect bra size and style which best suits your body.
We’ll take our time to understand any issues you’ve had with your current bras.
We’ll listen to your needs and requirements so that we may help you find a bra which you feel comfortable and confident with.
We’ll make your experience discreet but enjoyable, so that you may try on as many different bras as you wish with the advice of a bra fitting professional.

Since Lottie was founded in 2012, we have helped hundreds of clients discover their true bra size and feel comfortable, confident and happy in their second skin!

To receive your complementary and personalised bra fitting experience and discover your true bra size, book your appointment with Lottie now


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