100 different bra sizes

Bra Size Guide

Incredible as it may seem, Lottie Lencería offers over 100 different bra sizes in stock.  It’s likely you weren’t aware that so many sizes could exist.  But they do!  And they are for all of us, designed to support distinct sizes and shapes of breasts on different bodies.

Here we explain how a bra size is calculated and the meaning of the number and the letter.

  1. A bra size will always be composed of both a number and a letter: 
  • The number refers to the circumference of your back, that is, how long the underband of the bra will be.
  • The letter refers to the volume of your breasts, that is, the capacity of the bra’s cups to encapsulate your breasts.
  1. We offer 9 different back sizes and 15 distinct cup sizes:
  • The smaller your back, the lower your bra size number will be.  If you have a wider back, the number will be higher.
  • The more voluminous the bust in relation to your back size, the higher the letter will be.
  1. Different countries use different sizing systems but they all contain both a number and a letter. With regard to the number (which indicates the length of the underband):
  • In Spain, the French system is used, as it is in Portugal.
  • In Germany or Poland the so-called ‘European’ sizing system is used, in which the equivalent band size is 15 less than in the Spanish/French system.
  • In the UK and US the bra-sizing system refers to inches rather than centimetres, which is why you will see numbers such as 30, 36 or 42.


At Lottie, although we work with brands from the UK and USA, we always refer to the “French” sizing system, which is also used in Spain, when referring to band and cup size.  For this reason, you may see a different size reference on the label to which you are accustomed to seeing, but don´t worry!

We have created the table below to explain the various systems and their equivalent sizes in other countries, so that you can check your relevant size against the reference on the label, and to also clarify any doubts that you may have.

We are experts in lingerie and will almost certainly be able to find the right bra for you amongst all these sizes.  And if not, you have our firm promise to work with you to find you alternative lingerie options.

Various studies estimate that more than 80% of women wear the incorrect bra size.  From our experience, our customers wear too large a band size and too small a cup size. For this reason, it is important to be fitted regularly (the recommendation is every 6 months) to be sure that you are wearing the correct size.

Find out if you are wearing the right bra size:

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